Tuesday, March 13, 2012

So MUCH Love

Whew, it's been a pretty busy few weeks for the Wall of Femmes. Our little project has been featured in a few media sources of interest lately.

The Wall of Femmes is extremely excited to share with you this terrific video of the collective at work. We were so fortunate to collaborate with the fantastic Steven Fadellin on the creation of this video. We hope you'll enjoy it!! Keep reading after the video for more!

We are also thrilled to share that a feature about the Wall that was published in the Winter 2012 edition of Broken Pencil Magazine! The mag is available at several outlets across Canada and the US, or can be ordered from their website. 

Thanks so much to the Broken Pencil team for the great article! We love you!

We're also thrilled that the Wall of Femmes was discussed on the airwaves of Montreal's favourite Campus and Community station, CKUT, 90.3FM, on February 22, 2012! The fine ladies at the XX Files radio show hosted an engaging conversation about the Wall of Femmes. In case you missed it, a podcast of the show can be found at the CKUT ArchivesWe love you too, CKUT and the XX Files!

Finally, the Wall of Femmes collective got some love from fantastic Québec City based feminist fashion blog À l'Allure Garçonnière. Since this great blog was already on our bookmark list, it was doubly exciting to read about garçonnière's reaction to seeing the stencils in the city she calls home. From her blog: 

"The idea that a young person who lives in this city might go home and google the names of the women whose art, words, and work have changed my life (for the better) leaves me feeling hopeful and excited for all the radical learning potential happening here."

Couldn't have said it better ourselves......we love you, garçonnière!

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  1. you guys have me blushing! thank you so much for the work you do.