Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Digital Archive: The Feminist Poster Project

Thanks, internet, for leading me to the The Feminist Poster Project.

I'm really hoping that the blog hasn't been abandoned (since the most recent update is from April, 2012). But, it's still worth checking out because of all the resources that are available on the site. According to the blog, the Feminist Poster project was founded in July, 2010 and was started as a place to archive and share feminist posters, postcards and stickers. These documents are available on the site to download, print, share and distribute. The posters are conveniently grouped by themes, with the largest resources gathered around Contraceptive/Reproductive Freedom, Sexuality/Love/Homophobia, Violence/Harassment/Self-defence and Work/Class/Anti-capitalisim. There are two smaller categories of postcards and stickers, but they are still worth checking out. The documents also come with a brief description that gives a bit of background about the piece, they are labeled with what language(s) they are available in, copyleft?, information about the contributor and the link to the pdf download.

Shared from the Grassroots Feminism website, "The Feminist Poster Project encourages the designing, printing, sharing and distributing feminist posters and putting them up in public places. Sexist advertisement and misogynist media are all around us. If we want to fight this patriarchal propaganda, we have to produce our own images and messages. I would like to see feminist posters on walls, feminist signs over sexist ads, feminist stickers on street signs and feminist postcards in our letterboxes. I would like to see a change in our environments and a change in people's minds. I hope the Feminist Poster Project can help to achieve this.

As an online poster network, the Feminist Poster Project offers a space for showing, exchanging and downloading feminist posters, postcards and stickers. Anyone can use the posters for non-commercial purposes such as actions, DIY media, and home decoration and anyone can contribute their own creations. On the website you can find - apart from inspiring examples of feminist graphic art - several DIY guides and links on how to make your own posters, mix wheat paste, use print techniques and organise actions. The Feminist Poster Project supports the do-it-yourself idea and welcomes your contributions!"

The project offers a space and network to connect with other feminists, get inspired by the submissions and contribute by sharing your own self made posters, stickers and postcards. I find this project really inspiring, based on the idea of confronting and disrupting images of advertising in public spaces as well as the sharing of resources and tools for disruption. This thinking really challenges assumptions about who is 'authorized' to produce knowledge (and in what contexts), and who 'owns' that knowledge once it is public. Hope you are still taking contributions or maybe you exist somewhere else on the internet -thanks, Feminist Poster Project, for the inspiration!

More links about the project:
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Drawings by Nina: The Feminist Poster Project


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