Sunday, March 23, 2014

Mad Femme Love

Welcome back to the Wall of Femmes - after a period of some quiet on our forum here (not to be mistaken with inactivity), we’ll be picking up right where we left off. 

One of our goals with this project is to acknowledge, highlight, disseminate, share, support, and give mad respect to the work of women who are making this world a better place for all of us to live in. They are all around us, and they generally do not seek accolades for themselves. However, sometimes they shine so brightly, that it’s impossible for their impact to go unnoticed. 

Today we’d like to give a special shout to Montreal activist, educator, and friend of the Wall, rosalind hampton, who was recently acknowledged by the FRO Foundation when they awarded her the “Fro Ubuntu Personality Award” for 2014. 

Photo: FRO Foundation
Presented during the organization’s annual FRO Festival on February 22, 2014 by keynote speaker and legend Kathleen Cleaver, this award honours rosalind hampton for her more than 25 years of work supporting youth and families in Montreal, and particularly within the anglophone black community of the city. 

In addition to her work supporting youth and families, rosalind is extremely active within several community organizations, whether as a founder, director, or worker, through which she has developed and supported programs that seek to strengthen community ties and engagement by using artistic mediums as a forum for education, expression, and communication. Some of these organizations include the Alfie Roberts Institute, Black Star Big Brothers Big Sisters of Montreal, and Community-University Talks (C-Uni-T). As a PhD student, rosalind is also engaged in the McGill community by representing her colleagues in student government. Through her role as a student leader and organizer, she was instrumental in developing resolutions supported by CLASSE during the 2012 student strike to ensure issues of race and gender were addressed in the platform and strike mandate of the largest syndicate of student associations active in that year’s Printemps Érables. 

Here at the Wall of Femmes, we have the utmost love and respect for this woman and the work she’s done to build our communities and dismantle the structural elements that allow racism, sexism, and other forms of oppression to continue to exist in our institutions. We could not agree more with the FRO Foundation’s decision to acknowledge rosalind with their Personality Award for 2014. 

The FRO Foundation had this to say about their selection of rosalind for their 2014 honour:
“FRO strongly believes that the fight to develop the full potential of our communities should and must include creating environments that allow our children to thrive. Systematic policies that stifle cultural communities must be denounced, as we carry out intervention work with our youth. We want to take the time to acknowledge the great work of one of the many exceptional people we have had the privilege of working with. She has had help along the way; however, sometimes the path of selflessness must be travelled alone.

The recipient of the Prix Personnalité Fro Ubuntu 2014 is a cultural worker whose career has spanned the fields of social services, community work, art and education. She has worked as a youth and family worker in both institutional and community settings for over 25 years and has been working with Montreal’s Black communities since 2007. She has worked at the Alfie Roberts Institute and has served as a director at the Black Star Big Brother Centre. She is in the third year of a PhD program in the Department of Integrated Studies in Education and holds degrees in Special Care Counselling, Art History and Art Education. She has also worked as a youth and family intervention and support worker, community worker, artist, educator and researcher. She is the proud mother of a community mural artist and maintains strong ties to Montreal’s Black communities.

Her current research at McGill examines social relations between Black people and the University. She is starting her second year as the VP of Diversity & Equity at the McGill Education Graduate Students' Society and is the co-founder and coordinator of Community-University Talks, a collective of Black community members, students, and teachers from a broad range of ethno-cultural backgrounds. She works with Students of Colour Montreal* and was co-organizer of the 2013 Congress of Black Writers and Artists: Create Dangerously. During the student strike, she contributed, along with several colleagues, to the submission of a motion for CLASSE to adopt an official position of anti-racism and anti-colonialism in all communications, including publications, media relations, speeches, and conferences.

We would like to invite Ms. Kathleen Cleaver to present the Prix Personnalité Fro Ubuntu 2014 to Rosalind Hampton.”

Photo: Kevin Calixte