Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Stencil Workshop with DESTA Black Youth Network

A couple weeks ago, we at Wall of Femmes were oh-so-happy to be invited to give a "Stencilling 101" workshop to folks at DESTA Black Youth Network.

DESTA: Dare Every Soul To Achieve, was founded in 2007 with a 6-month seed grant from the government to launch a pilot project on youth empowerment and employment. It has since grown into an essential community hub and resource centre in Little Burgundy, Montreal.  

At DESTA, youth and community members have access to educational, housing and counselling resources, a drop-in space, and on-going community projects.

One upcoming project is hitting the streets of Montreal with a spoken-word flash mob! Are you as intrigued as we were? Well be sure to check it out! The first “Speak Up” flash mob is scheduled to take place the morning of July 21, 2014.

To prep for the event, about 10 of us spent a Friday night, full of laughter and good vibes, creating promo cards to hand out to folks.

We started with a simple proof, spent a good deal of time carefully cutting the delicate letters, laid it out and sprayed away. Here's a little taste!

-   We think they turned out great!

A big thanks to everyone who participated, and most especially to C-Uni-T, for coordinating and setting up the workshop, getting us in touch, and providing the colourful supplies. Hearts!

To find out more about DESTA, and the upcoming Speak Up events, check out their website:

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